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About Mizuflare
a.k.a. Joshua


I aim to create art that tells a story, that guides you through a series of events. My work involves applying fantastical elements to situations and circumstances found in reality. I enjoy taking the contrast of the real and the fantastic to interesting conclusions through my art. I aim for emotion in my pieces above all else while also making the ride from beginning to end coherent and tangible. My goal is to have my audience be able to reach the end of my story as an experience worth having.


Joshua is a Senior Illustrator at Lesley University. He has worked predominantly in traditional fields in art. Joshua feels most at home with pencil and ink, or using a brush to paint acrylic on canvas.


Joshua plans on graduating from Lesley University in May 2021. From there Joshua is hoping to explore his options on how to utilize his skills in the world.


Joshua has explored a number of skills during his time through college, including painting with acrylic, pencil and ink, 3D sculpture with terracotta, and more recently has started incorporating digital art into his artwork.


As an up and coming artist, Joshua is very passionate about his craft. He hopes to utilize his skills towards projects that explore narratives, either as a concept artist, storyboard artist, or anything else that could utilize illustration.


Examples of work that Joshua has created include character concepts and digital illustrations, and paintings ranging from landscapes to portraits. As of right now, Joshua is also building a platform where he can sell his artwork through commissions. Not only offering digital portraiture, but also traditional portraiture through social media like Instagram, or Facebook under the handle “Mizuflare”


Besides projects from college, or setting a platform for commissions, Joshua has passion projects he hopes to someday put out there in the world. From character concepts, to a whole story jotted down across multiple notebooks.


Overall, Joshua hopes to find a place where he can exercise his creative energy. He enjoys the prospect of sharing ideas with fellow artists, and creating something the world could enjoy.

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