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Mizuflare Visual Collection

Dual Phasma - Guild Records

A journal of important notes on the Night Flame Caravan, told from the perspective of their Patron, Seth Evergreen. These are a few spreads from said journal. 

Mizu's Story

A visual narrative of one of my original characters, Mizu Hansha, doing his day to day duties as a Monk of Zol, which include purifying ancient sites that have been corrupted by Followers of Not.

Ten Thousand Souls

Fantasy/Horror, Period piece  - a time traveling Doctor acts as Death and takes the final breath of elderly patients on their death beads. Take place in the year 1300, 1900, and modern times.

Script by Marnie Mitchell-Lister

Dual Phasma - The Night Flame Caravan vs Dekoru

A visual narrative showcasing one of many battles that takes place in the world of Dual Phasma.

Violetblood - The Frozen Torch

A collection of character concepts that live in a City called Violetblood, a fusion of Viking like aesthetics with an urban twist. The harsh winter landscape that surrounds Violetblood contrasts their use of burning magic that allows for their more urban lifestyle. Each character is also modeled after one of 16 personality types from the ​Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 

Traditional Paintings

An assortment of paintings I have done with either acrylic paint on canvas, digitally painted through procreate, or a combination of the two. The traditional paintings are all about a foot or two in length & width, and subject matter ranges from character/environment concepts to paintings of real life.

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